Bank Hall, Bretherton, Chorley

There’s no point me trying to give much of a potted history of Bank Hall as it’s 400 years old and at least one book has been written in it. Maybe when I’ve read the one I’ve bought I’ll put something up, but until then, you’re better off visiting their website

The last bit of the Hall in use was the estate offices and they were closed in 1971. Since then, the Hall has been in terminal decline and is now in a very very bad state. It was recently featured on BBC TV’s Restoration programme, although it didn’t win. However, lottery money has since been forthcoming, and plans are afoot for restoration and conversion into houses and apartments.

The Hall has monthly open days so you can get on site, but their is a fence round the building to prevent entry as it really is in a poor condition. Consequently I couldn't get in on this visit......

UPDATE 5th October 2009

Thanks to John for this information:

There is lottery money going into the project and there will be public access to part of the Hall (including the clock tower) once it is restored. There are also plans for the walled garden and potting sheds to be restored too.