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My other bits of the web

Mechanical Landscapes Blog
The blog that accompanies this site- more words, less pictures! It's a miscellanea of urbex, industrial landscapes, ships and trains, technique, creativity, historical photography, and whatever else takes my fancy.....
Flickr - The View From The North
My Flickr site. There's some of the stuff you've seen here, plus some you've not, as well as travel, night photography, aviation and all manner of other stuff!
Mechanical Landscapes
My other website! Similar to this, but different. Well worth a look as I rotate the galleries regularly.

Urban Exploration Forums

North West Exploration Forum
Ace Urban Exploration forum, primarily stuff from North West England, but you'll find all kinds of stuff on there!
Derelict Places
A Forum dedicated to derelict places (hence the name). Well worth a visit!
28 Days later
The UK's most famous / infamous urban exploration forum!

Urban Explorers Sites

Abandoned Places
European exploration, mainly in Belgium. One of the first UE sites I visited a few years back and inspired me to get into this nonsense! Well worth a visit as there's some fantastic locations and brillaint photographs.
British Industrial Ruins
The webpages of Dr. Tim Edensor a Reader in the School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University. Tim has some fascinating essays and photographs on his site, and has been interested in this kind of thing for over 30 years!
Digital CG
The website of Pete Byrom, all sorts of different photography on here, and all very good indeed!
Industrial Decay Network
A showcase of the best Industrial Decay photos on Flickr (including some you have seen on here!)

Industrial Landscape

Dr. Harald Finsters excellent site. Contains some top notch black and white industrial photography from around the world. Well recommended!
Industrial Aperture
A grand selection of industrial images - working, abandoned, the full gamut. Some very nice ones from the steel industry too!
A fabulous website devoted to various aspects of the Steel Industry. Some stunning photography of steelworking from across the world, this site really captures the essence of heavy industry.
Sledgehammer Engineering Press
The website of my friend Alan McEwan, author and boilermaker extraordinaire. Alan’s books cover various aspects of our industrial past, with a number written about his own long engineering career in the mills and factories of the north of England, as well as his long friendship with the late Fred Dibnah. I have several of his books and definitely recommend a look at his website!

Photography Sites

Talk Photography Forum
A place to errr, talk about photography.
Martin Henson Photography
Want to see some excellent monochrome photography? Need tuition in digital and film monochrome? This is your man! I've been on his digital monochrome workshop and can highly recommend it!

Places To Visit

Apedale Colliery Heritage Centre
A cracking little mine and museum near Stoke. Go along and go down the pit, well worth a visit!
Bank Hall
Home page for Bank Hall in Chorley.
Friends of Chatterley Whitfield Colliery
Opens only occasionally to the public, a shame as there's a lot to see, behind all the fencing.........
Brymbo Heritage Group
Home of Brymbo Heritage Group who look after what's left of the Brymbo Steelworks site.

Useful and Interesting Sites

"The Geograph British Isles project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and you can be part of it."

Useful website to see what an area looks like before you even get there!