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I now have two books on sale - scroll down the page for details!

The View From the North 2007-2017

This is a ten year retrospective of Priced at only £26, it is a 192 page look back at the first ten years, and while it doesn't feature all the places I've visited (the cost just started getting prohibitive), it features the most popular. If you like the website, you'll love the book!

Available only on Blurb, click here to go to the shop.

Shadows of the North - second edition

Shadows of the North is a wander through the battered and broken remains of the textile mills of Lancashire and West Yorkshire, as well as the surrounding landscape. David Plowden, one of my photographic inspirations, referred to his habit of being 'one step ahead of the wrecking ball', and to a large extent, this is something I also have the knack of, albeit with varying degrees of success.

The book is 94 pages in length and is exclusively black and white which may come as no surprise if you are familiar with my work.

Alternatively, if you are a millennial and shun printed matter (or live outside the UK), I have the book available as a downloadable PDF for £4.99. Be warned, it is a very large document! For a preview, please have a look at the 20 page preview PDF here:

Shadows of The North Sample

The price for shipping the paperback book is for the UK, please contact me if you are outside the UK.