Camera Club Talks

21st January 2014
Following an unusual sequence of unrelated events, I’ve suddenly found myself with three camera club talks booked for 2014, so I might as well formally offer my services on here to camera clubs or anyone else who is interested!


Mechanical Landscapes – Exploring the Industrial North


The talk is approximately 90 minutes and is a wander through the remnants of the northern industrial landscape. Covering a diverse selection of sites such as the enormous slate quarries of Snowdonia, abandoned textile mills in Lancashire and Yorkshire, a disused underground coal mine, the bizarre landscapes of active steelworks, beached passenger ships, as well as unique views of the inside of derelict cooling towers, this talk is somewhat different from the majority of camera club talks. The images are predominantly black and white, with splashes of colour.

I can also talk on other subjects that I've written about or photographed, or customise the talk to specialise on certain themes - contact me to discuss.


Digital (Pictures to exe / Powerpoint)

Areas Covered

50 mile / 1 hour radius of Chorley in Lancashire. I will consider talks further afield, but I am in full time employment so I am not in a position to travel long distances during the week.


2014 – 2015 season mileage expenses only

2015 – 2016 season - tbf