New talk announced!

07th January 2016
I have been contacted by a number of clubs who have enjoyed my Mechanical Landscapes talk to see if I have another talk to present. So, I am currently developing a new talk (with the working title of 'Take one picture......................') to complement Mechanical Landscapes, and although it contains some of the same pictures, I will be presenting some ideas of what photographers can do with their photographs based on my experience of distinctions, exhibitions, books, websites, social media, etc. This is more inspiration / information rather than 'how-to' as I do not profess to be an authority in any of these areas!!!
The talk will start with an abbreviated version (15-20 minutes) of Mechanical Landscapes so as to put the rest of the talk into context, and to provide a background into who I ma and what I do.

Please see my talks page, or contact me here.