Robert Fletchers Updated

24th December 2008
I was pleased to receive some information from an ex-employee of Robert Fletchers (who wishes to remain anonymous). I've updated a lot of the cpations on the photos in the gallery. Here is some more:

"I was both pleased and a little saddened to see your pictures of Fletchers Paper mill. As an ex employee I have worked on and even operated much of the machinery featured in your photographs. As such I have fairly intimate knowledge of the site and the ghosts left behind. For example I am sure you have seen andyj23’s image of the trainers on the windowsill of the locker room. Well they belong, or rather did belong to Spike who worked as a reel ender from 1998 up until the mill shut. Like most employees he was probably informed that he had been made redundant by letter whilst off shift and simply could not be bothered to go back and collect his things. Indeed my own locker was simply abandoned with all my personal paraphernalia still locked inside, including a Panasonic ghetto blaster (probably long since pilfered) bought by my parents as a birthday present.

Melton Medes threw fletchers against the wall after bleeding it dry. Fletchers on paper was an independent company with independent liabilities but Melton Medes creamed off the profits, raided its pension scheme, forced fletchers to mortgage its assets and pocketed the money. We produced the finest cigarette paper in the world and the mill would have been more than viable if it was not for the mill stone placed round its neck by Melton Medes. Yes it was antiquated and inefficient but customers would pay the price for the product given it’s almost niche like quality. We produced papers of such fine quality that it left our competitors simply scratching their heads. It was the antiquity of the machines and vast experience of its operatives that made the product unique and impossible for modern mills to replicate.

Melton Medes made Fletchers invest heavily in C machine (the paper machine in the new building) with a view towards getting their hands on the new machinery on the cheap after throwing Fletchers to the wall. Melton Medes could then export it to one of their paper mills in China. Indeed Fletchers was purchased from the administrators by a company headed by the Nephew of the man who owns Melton Medes. So despite what it says on paper Melton Medes still own Fletchers."