Site Revamp complete!

29th June 2016
I've now completed the revamp of the site - it's fundamentally the same as I don't want to tinker with the layout of the site at the moment, but following an upgrade by my hosting company Photium, I've now replaced all the photographs with bigger versions.

When I first built the site in 2007, the longest side of the picture was 600 pixels, and then this was changed to 800 pixels a few years after. Recently though the maximum size has increased to 1000 pixels, so I took the opportunity to revisit every picture in every gallery. Some have been deleted, some have been reworked and some have been replaced with new pictures but all have had the current watermark added and all are now bigger.

I've also reduced the number of black and white images on the site and have reverted back to colour in several galleries, e.g. Brymbo Steelworks, Pickle Factory, Ivy Bank Mill and a few others. I'm still experimenting with colour - it doesn't have the inherent flexibility that black and white does for creating the grungy, contrasty look that I like. That said, I'm quite pleased with some of the galleries as I think I've found an aesthetic I like.

Major changes to the following galleries:

Brook Dyeing -

Brymbo Steelworks

Buxton Lime Firms

Chatterley Whitfield Colliery

Cheadle Bleachworks

Edenwood Mill

Grove Rake Mine

Huncoat Power Station

Ivy Bank Mill

Knoll Spinning, Wellington Mill

Leyland Motors Test Track

Old Lane Mill

NGTE Pyestock

Pickle Factory

ROF Wrexham

Westwood Mill

William Blythe's

Bank Hall

If you have any comments or feedback, please let me know!