Albion Mill, Meltham


Date Visited: September 2007

Albion Mill was built in 1864. It was taken over by its most recent owners, R. Butterworth & Sons in 1946, and over the years, it supplied weavers and knitters making upholstery fabrics, suits and jackets and knitwear.

However, the decline in the UK knitwear industry in recent times saw the company struggling in the face of cheaper foreign imports, and in December 2003 the mill closed with the loss of 43 jobs.

I visited the mill four years after closure and it all seemed to be in reasonable shape. Sure, there were some broken windows and other acts of casual vandalism (as well as a selection of broken vinyl records and some straw) but there was little sign of the usual metal thieving that plagues places such as this. But as always with empty mills, very quickly it becomes hard to photograph emptiness.

Despite being in superficially good shape, the mills were demolished in 2008, a shame as I’ve seen places in worse condition saved and renovated.

Pictures of the demolition are here:

A more complete history can be found here:,_Meltham