East Lancs Railway Baron Street Works

Date Visited: July 2005

Official visit with the IET, July 2005. Much has changed as in the intervening period as a result of the ELR signing a contract with Metrolink to use the yard as a base for refurbishment of their line to Manchester. The undergrowth has been cleared and the yard is now much tidier than before!

The yard is huge and until the 80’s was the mainline to Manchester, but this was diverted to the new Bury Interchange Station. The workshops are the original works of the East Lancashire Railway company, but are now the workshops of the new East Lancashire Railway, and also home to Ian Riley’s railway engineering works. There are major plans afoot for the redevelopment of much of this area by the railway, including installing a turntable and erection of more buildings to turn it into more of a visitor experience, because at the moment, it is out of bounds to the public. Thanks to nutsnbolts for his help identifying what the engines were.