Leyland Motors Test Track

Date Visited: July 2010

With most places, there is an easy way in and a difficult way in. After half an hour walking round trying to find a difficult way in (how to scale a 15 foot high concrete wall that's on an embankment?), I stumbled across the easy way in, which was about 30 feet away from the walk in access, and only 50 feet away from where I'd started in the first place.

Anyway, the explore. I don't know much history about this place, other than it was built in the late 70's at great expense for testing prototypes from the nearby Leyland Trucks empire. It was last used by Pilgrim, a Leyland Trucks subsidiary. Like the rest of the Leyland sites, the future for this place is yet another huge housing development.

Not a bad mooch as it's a huge place, although frankly most of it is either grass or road, and that starts to get boring quickly.

UPDATE: A good description of this place when it was opened can be found in a contemporary Commercial Motor article here: http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/4th-october-1980/48/the-hub-of-excellence